Driving can be a very dangerous and stressful activity in general but in New Jersey, be ready for Armageddon.

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People speed and swerve and zig and zag. You need to know the rules and regulations to make it out alive!!!

Okay, I may be over dramatizing this a smidge, but not by much.

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I recently stumbled upon this blog on WCYY.com which discussed a very interesting topic:

Is it illegal to pull through an empty parking space while in a parking lot in Maine?


So it got me thinking: IS this illegal in New Jersey?

Be honest. We've all done it at least once.

But now, the question is whether or not I just admitted to breaking the law in writing.

Long story short, technically no, it is not illegal.

The reason I say "technically" is because there is no official rule that I am finding against this.

I did find this article from 2019 which include opinions from different experts who are in favor of allowing drivers to pull through an empty parking spot in front of them.


Here is what Tristan Dickson of Young Drivers of Canada had to say:

“Ultimately, our main objective is to avoid backing out when leaving a parking stall,” he says. “If it’s safe to do so, based on the discretion of the driver and the stall is big enough, then absolutely pull in.”

Here is what Steven Wallace of Wallace Driving School had to say:

“I always pull-through,” says Wallace. “You always try to avoid reversing when you’re exiting a parking stall. Thirty per cent of the crashes happen in parking lots or confined spaces and often the reverse gear is the culprit.”

There was one expert who did make a good point against pulling through the spot in front of you and her name is Lindsay Wilkins of ICBC.

“Pulling through to another parking spot increases your risk of crashing so it should be avoided,” says Wilkins. “As a driver, you don’t know if another driver is also aiming to park in the same spot."

So is it against the law to pull through? No. But it is a risk since other drivers are usually not expecting a car to pop out from a random empty parking space.

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There were a lot of sources for this article to ensure that I was giving you accurate information: Source 1Source 2 and Source 3.

So after reading arguments from both sides, are you FOR or AGAINST other drivers pulling through a parking space? Do you do it? Will you still do it?


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