Do you have a special bond with Ramen Noodles? Maybe from your college days, or just from being broke and looking for a cheap meal? Well here are some facts you may not know about ramen noodles:

You can actually turn the regular high-sodium ramen noodle meal into something healthy by throwing away the salt packet and pouring some tomato sauce over the cooked noodles...turning it into curly spaghetti.

There is actually a ramen noodle museum in Osaka, Japan.

The length of the noodles in one package stretch out to 51 meters -- the length of two tennis courts!

If you ate nothing but ramen noodles every day for a year, your entire grocery bill would be only $142!

And, finally, Japanese citizens have voted ramen noodles the most important invention of the 20th century!

So go ahead...slurp 'em up!