I can't even believe this, if you have an Android, let me know if this works.

It only works on an Android phone, not an iPhone. Why? Boo, I want this to work on my iPhone for spam calls. All-day long, spam calls come in, it's so annoying. If you know how I can block them on my iPhone, please let me know.

I first saw this from several TikTok users, I really want to know if it works. TikTok videos show that if you hit #662# and hit the call button, it blocks all spam calls. Say "bye-bye" to those telemarketers that call all the time. Then some friends told me about it.

Creative Services, Apichon_tee, Getty Images
Creative Services, Apichon_tee, Getty Images

There is a National Do Not Call List that was started for unwanted sales calls. It doesn't seem to work for me, I'm not sure why. According to consumer.fdc.gov, if you are still receiving calls, they must be spam calls.

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This website does give you information on how to block those calls if it's not working for you. It's still so irritating, I've tried to do exactly what they tell me to do, and it never works. Do you find that the National Do Not Call List works for you?

If you want to get on the National Do Not Call List do this...

National Do Not Call List, click here. There's also a phone number to call for more information, 1-888-382-1222.

Do you know a quick way of blocking spam or sales calls on an iPhone? I would love to know how to do something as easy as that TikTok was for Android. If you have an iPhone and #662# and push call, it gives the message *Error performing request unknown error.*

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