A fed-up woman tricked her housemates into thinking she recorded them being intimate on their shared couch while she was away at work.

The frustrated woman took to Reddit explaining that after catching her roomies having sex on their shared couch and asking them to stop, she found out they were still doing it and hatched a plan to convince them she had caught them in the act.

"I inherited my grandmother's house a couple years ago. I don't really have a lot of stuff and I live in a HCOL [high cost of living] city. So I have roommates. I rent out the basement suite to a nice family and I live on the main floor with a young couple," she wrote in a since deleted Reddit thread.

One day, after a plumbing issue which forced her to leave work early, she arrived home to find her roommates "having sex in the living room."

"I was shocked. They acted surprised that I was home so early. I asked them if this was a common occurrence and they said it was a spur of the moment thing and that they were very sorry. I chose to forgive them and I honestly thought about buying a home security camera but I decided to trust them," she continued.

However, her trust was betrayed when the man who lived downstairs told her he and his partner were contemplating moving out due to the excessive "sex noise" coming from the upstairs level — a.k.a. her floor.

"I'm not a prude but if you are having sex on your bed you won't be making enough noise to bother the neighbors," she shared, noting that's when she hatched a "plan."

"One afternoon after work I walked over to my mantle and picked up a small figurine and asked my roommates if they had knocked over my security camera because I got notified at work that it stopped recording. They went white then red," the woman wrote.

The roommates accused her of invading their "privacy" by recording them without their knowledge, and told her she needed to "erase anything on it that could cause them shame if it ever got out."

She acted confused, telling them she would go to her computer, check the footage and see what they were talking about.

"They admitted that they were having sex in the living room when I wasn't home. I said that they had to pay for a full cleaning of the living room including the couch, chair, rug, throw pillows and blankets," the woman continued.

The roommates weren't happy, telling her she was "being unreasonable" to expect them to clean the entire living room. In response, she threatened to take them to "small claims court" for the amount owed for the cleaning as she had "evidence" of why she wanted the room cleaned.

The couple agreed to pay and told her they would move out by the end of the month.

"I did not evict them. They chose to leave. But they are mad that I recorded them being intimate," she clarified.

The woman concluded her post by insisting she didn't actually "record" them. She simply asked them to "stop having sex" in their shared living room and "pay to clean anything that might have love stains."

In the comments, users rallied behind the woman, with many suggesting she pick better roommates next time.

"I would suggest the next time you live with a single roommate and not a couple. Also, have it in writing that they're leaving (since they might have said they were leaving in a huff, but then might realize the housing market is awful). Let the basement tenants know they're leaving too, so they don't make plans to move," one person wrote.

"If you're in a roommate situation, common courtesy says you don't do things like this in communal spaces. At least not frequently enough that they're driving out other people who live in the home. Go be exhibitionist elsewhere. So long as no actual recording took place I think you did fine," another commented.

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