Last year, former Governor Chris Christie signed a bill legalizing "non explosive and non-aerial" fireworks in New Jersey but um, what does that exactly mean?

Well, here is a friendly reminder so you can have some fun this Summer and stay out of trouble.

With this new law, sparklers, glow-worms, and smoke devices are totally fine as long as the person is 16 years of age or older. Basically as long as it is hand held and does not actually "explode" for the effect to happen, you should be okay.

So unfortunately those big boys that you see at Fourth of July can still get you into some serious trouble. Be advised that if you light up "Roman Candles," an explosive and aerial firework, firecrackers, sky rockets, or bottle rockets, it could still cost you a hefty fine -- as much as $500!

So have fun but BE CAREFUL!

Take a look at for more information on when Chris Christie lifted the ban on fireworks.

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