It takes a special person to play on others' sympathies and create an emotional lie.

Throughout Saturday, social media - particularly Facebook - has been popping about a missing 5-year-old girl in Brigantine.

According to the post, which, of course includes a cute photo, the little girl went on a bike ride and hasn't returned home.

The good thing is this story is nothing but a lie - and it's been confirmed by our friends at the Brigantine Police Department:

11m  ·
The Brigantine Police Department has become aware of multiple posts on Brigantine social media groups and pages that are making false reports of missing children and injured/missing pets. Our department has not received any reports consistent with these claims, and the social media accounts posting this information are consistent with spam and fictitious accounts. Any public emergencies or critical information from our department that needs to reach the public will be sent out on this Facebook page in a timely manner. Thank you all for your concerns!

Thanks to Brigantine Police for setting the rest of us at ease!

A quick check of Facebook posts shows this same story has actually been shared across the country in different communities - often with the same photo of the young girl - or a photo of a young boy.

Why do people post things like this? Do they think it's funny?

Those that did share the story out of true caring, we feel for you.

SOURCE: Brigantine Police Department.

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