I asked a group of Monmouth County residents to sum up where they live in one word.

Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media
Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media

After hundreds of responses in the comments, there was one word, in particular, that was very popular and mentioned most often. More on that later.

Not all of the responses were positive. In all honesty, many were negative.

Let's focus on the positive words to describe Monmouth first. Here are words that came up a lot:

  • unique
  • comfortable
  • wonderful
  • love
  • beautiful
  • plentiful
  • varied
  • amazing
  • peaceful
  • enjoyable
  • picturesque
  • beauteous
  • parks
  • Bruce
  • awesome
  • exciting
  • stong
  • historic
  • heavenly
  • fun
  • convenient
  • trendy
  • perfection
  • beaches
  • family
  • pleasant
  • memories
  • abundant
  • fabulous
  • Pony
  • chill

On the negative side, there was a particular word that was submitted many times; expensive. A very fair point.

Here are some of the other "not-so-nice" words that people said they associate with Monmouth County:

  • dirty
  • taxed
  • boring
  • corrupt
  • hopeless
  • snobby
  • ridiculous
  • overrated
  • ripoff
  • overtaxed
  • overcrowded
  • unaffordable
  • pothole
  • meathead
  • jail
  • useless

Finally, the most popular word that residents (or former residents) used to describe Monmouth County; home. It doesn't get any better than that.

Throughout the Facebook thread woman named Margaret commented with the word
"love." She added:

Literally just moved here and I LOVE it.

Turns out Margaret just moved to Spring Lake from Maryland and is enjoying it very much. Welcome, Margaret!

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