Rook Coffee is sweeping across the Jersey Shore and it is not difficult to see why.

They offer perfectly grounded, fresh cups of coffee that come from all over the world.  Co-CEOs Shawn and Holly are always traveling to constantly educate themselves on the best coffee out there.

Well, what if the Jersey Shore were a cup of Rook Coffee. Let's dive in....

Sumatra - This dark roast blend is described as a baker's chocolate -- oh heck yes -- bold and rustic, and with a syrupy body. If I have to explain, you are clearly not from the Jersey Shore.

Fat Free Milk - Summer is coming up and we have to represent. I love my dairy in my coffee but within reason.

Honey - Those of us from New Jersey can, of course emphasizing the CAN, be sweet when we want to. However, put us somewhere that we do not want to be, we can create a very sticky situation that can be difficult to clean up.

Do you disagree? What do YOU think is the perfect Rook cup of coffee to represent the Jersey Shore? Comment Below!

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