This COVID-19 Pandemic has made 2020 the LONGEST YEAR EVER!

Just about everything has been closed or put to a halt this year, but quite a few changes are being made this week alone.

Gyms were JUST allowed to reopen at 25% capacity today, September 1st and now another slew of changes go into affect this Friday, September 3rd.

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A lot of information is being hurled in our direction these days so I thought it would be easiest to put all of the information in one place.

But long story short, you will be allowed to do a lot more in New Jersey once Friday hits.

Let's take a look.

All The Rule Changes Governor Phil Murphy Is Putting Into Affect On Friday, Sept. 3rd.

WHEW....that is a lot of information at once. But....that means steps to "normalcy" are taking place which is definitely a good thing.

As updates are announced, we will absolutely let you know.

But for now, lets just prepare to celebrate this Friday.

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