As a Rutgers alumni and Rutgers fan, this is VERY good news.

For the first time ever, Highpoint Stadium will be selling beer and wine during the Rutgers football games for the 2019 season.

Now while I am sure most of you are saying, "FINALLY!" keep in mind that this decision has been discussed for quite some time.

"This decision was the result of a year-long review of the experience and data from across the college landscape,'' said Rutgers Athletics Director Pat Hobbs.

And as it turns out, having alcohol readily available inside the stadium may minimize the number of alcohol-related incidents.

"Universities have seen a dramatic drop in alcohol related incidents on game day by providing a controlled environment for beer and wine sales,'' Hobbs said. "We will work closely with RUPD to achieve similar results at Rutgers.''

There is no talk of the specific items that will be for sale or their prices, but the official word is out and there is no turning back for Rutgers now!

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