The Popcorn Rescue Zoo is an amazing place home to wildlife, farm animals, birds, and other animals who suffered cruelty, injury, illness, handicap, old age, and animals and birds that could not be safely returned to the wild.

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I've been to the Popcorn Park Zoo many times. I love visiting the zoo, from feeding the peacocks, and seeing the wonderful animals and the awesome people that work at the zoo. It's the perfect place in the Pine Barrens of Ocean County and is now home to over 200 animals and birds.

Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook Page
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook Page

Our friends at the Popcorn Park just announced some sad news. Boo Boo the bear has passed away. She was loved so much by everyone that came to the zoo.

The Popcorn Park's veterinarians and staff kept BooBoo happy, healthy, and gave her daily medication as she aged. She was 27 years old.

From the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook page:

BooBoo's last few months proved especially difficult for her and our staff had to make the incredibly difficult decision to say goodbye. Her passing has left us all heartbroken but we are so honored to have provided her sanctuary for the past 25 years.  BooBoo will forever hold a special place in our hearts and her memory will live on in the work we do.
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, Facebook page
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, Facebook page

BooBoo was a favorite of ours when we'd visit the zoo. We would love seeing her swim and eating her favorite snacks, peanuts.

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