Unfortunately, addiction is a problem that the members of Bon Jovi know far too much about.

Bon Jovi's own daughter overdosed on heroin in 2012. Ex-Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has been to rehab for alcoholism, and he acknowledges knowing musicians who have died from heroin abuse.

But Sambora this evening performed a new song "Lighthouse," in Toms River, at the Pine Belt Arena that he hopes will be a "beacon of light," and give people who are struggling with addiction "hope."

In separate events last night that called attention to Monmouth and Ocean counties' drug problems, these issues were discussed.

In Keansburg, at the Keansburg High School, Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Charlie Webster spoke to a group of high school students and cited Bon Jovi's daughter as an example of how the drug - which can be purchased for about $5 and is increasing in prevalence throughout both counties - can damage lives, and doesn't "care who you are or who your father is."

At a news conference in Toms River, Sambora took the stage with Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato - to call attention to the problem (see video above). Webster noted that Monmouth and Ocean counties are among the top three counties in the state with problems with heroin.

At the Keansburg event, several people spoke on the dangers of addiction, and stressed how easy it is to become addicted.

Dr. Russ Ferstandig spoke at the Keansburg event, emphasizing that there are often underlying issue, such as depression, that must be dealt with in addition in order to address addictive behaviors. Check out his video about his approaches to addiction treatment.

"Anybody has this option," he said, echoing Sambora's message of hope.