Every year, hundreds if not thousands of bar crawlers come out for the annual SantaCon bar crawl-- which is held in various cities world wide -- where participants dress up as Santa, Elves, or any other North Pole related ideas while gallivanting from bar to bar.

The 2017 SantaCon celebrated in Hoboken got a tad out of hand -- to say the very least and now, Mayor-elect Ravi Bhalla is looking into shutting it down. Do you think it's time to get rid of Santa Con?

This past Saturday, a record breaking 17 arrests and 55 hospitalizations linked to SantaCon were reported, and now it is gaining some not so wanted attention. Most of the arrests involved charges, "of resisting arrest and assaulting policing officers, marijuana possession, obstruction of justice, bail jumping, and disorderly conduct," according to NJ.com.

Drinking is encouraged because usually there is a flat price that you can pay to receive a wrist band and can get discounted drinks at participating bars.

Local bars and staff that work Santa Con seem to be on board to get rid of the festive bar crawl because if they do not participate, it is an excessive amount of business that could be lost but the crowd that it does attract is nearly impossible to deal with.

"I call it blood money," said Natalie Janecek, manager of the Victor Hotel Bar & Grill who participated in this year's SantaCon. "It's a really sloppy day and it doesn't matter what kind of security you have."

For more details on the SantaCon Debacle, go to NJ.com.

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