You won't see these photos or this video footage anywhere else...and these babies aren't even out for public viewing yet.

Our good friend Cindy Claus who runs Jenkinson's Aquarium offered me and my son an exclusive opportunity to meet the new babies...and they couldn't be more precious!

(Christopher and Baby B, Photo by Liz Jeressi)

In these photos and video you will meet two of the three baby penguins. Until they can have blood drawn in about a month, we won't know if they are male or female, so they haven't been named yet. They are lovingly being referred to as "18A, B and C", lol.

(Jenkinson's Aquarium Baby B, photo by Liz Jeressi)

Baby A is the first baby ever for penguins Betty and Onyx. Baby A is quiet (like his dad), one month old, and weighing in at just over 4 pounds.

Baby B is an active runner and the baby of penguins PJ and Asani. This baby is one of two eggs laid 5 days apart. Baby B weighs 2 and a half pounds.

(Jenkinson's Aquarium Baby B, photo by Liz Jeressi)

Baby C is the other baby of PJ and Asani and is only 19 days old, weighing a little over one and a half pounds.

These babies are being kept together so that they have each other and a nest full of toys, as well as contact from the humans on staff at the aquarium. They are being monitored carefully and receiving lots of love from Nicole, the penguin supervisor.

(All 3 new Jenkinson's Aquarium baby penguins, photo by Cindy Claus)

These babies are warm and fuzzy and cuddly and friendly and happy. They are waddling around learning all about their big webbed feet and wings and how to nibble and preen.

Stay tuned for updates on the baby penguins and how their names will be chosen, as well as new, exciting additions coming to the aquarium soon.

And be sure to join us this summer as we do our show from Jenkinson's Boardwalk with all of our friends (human and non-human) from the aquarium!