I've already seen many of 2016's Super Bowl commercials, and you can too! Right here!

You'll get to see them below, but here are some of my favorites:

The Heinz commercial. I am a sucker for cute animals and this spot features weiner dogs, dressed up like hot dogs, running excitedly toward people in ketchup costumes, to the tune of Harry Nilsson's "Without You". It is nothing short of adorable.

The Honda commercial. Again with the animals. This one is sheep in a meadow singing Queen's "Somebody to Love" until their owner and a sheep dog drive up in a new Honda Ridgeline that is also blasting the song.

Believe it or not, I think the Pokemon commercial is good. It's their 20th anniversary ad empowering kids to "Train On".

I think a lot of you will like the ShokTop commercial with Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller trading insults in a bar with the orange-slice mascot for Anheuser-Busch's Wheat Beer.

And the feel-good commercial of Sunday will, I think, be the SunTrust spot, with Gary Sinese urging people to just let go, breathe, and get rid of their financial stress.

You can also see commercials for T-Mobile, Avocados from Mexico (quirky-cute...with a cameo from Scott Baio), BMW, Budweiser (NOT the Clydesdale horses), and LG with Liam Neeson.

CLICK HERE to see them and then let us know what your favorite is!



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