Adele has only been a mother for barely a week and already shockingly harsh and disgusting insults are being thrown at her on Twitter. One must read these to believe them.

We've come to know Adele as a soft spoken, private, but amazing singer. She has always managed to avoid the showbiz gossip. Just days after the new mother gave birth to a baby boy, celebrities and nobodies took to Twitter to launch an attack of hurtful "jokes" and comments. Here are just a few examples:

Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy.

So Adele was pregnant all along, I thought she was just...fat.

I'm pretty sure that Adele secretly hopes she'll have postpartum depression, so she can make one heck of an album after it.

Postpartum depression, however, is not a laughing matter: The condition affects between 11 percent and 18 percent of new moms, according to the Center for Disease Control.

One of the worst tweets leveled at the new mom was from user @PerfFemale, identified by The Independent as Vanessa Bieber, who wondered publicly whether the child was "fat and handicapped?" Adding, "Just murder it already lol."

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