Comfort Zone in Ocean Grove. A much-loved local shop for beachgoers, locals, and tourists. It's one of those stores where you could spend time browsing around for hours.

(Comfort Zone, photo from Steve Mandeville)

Steve Mandeville has been inside his store but, of course, it's closed to inside shopping due to Covid-19. As I take rides around my favorite beach towns, it pains me to think that many local businesses who were forced to close or rely solely on take-out/deliveries due to the pandemic may never be able to reopen. Our beloved Jersey Shore will look like a ghost town if we don't support these businesses.

At Comfort Zone in Ocean Grove, you can still shop for some of your favorite things. Steve has been delivering to people's homes in Ocean Grove and doing curb-side pickup as well as shipping to people outside the area.

Like many struggling small-business owners, Steve has a lot of spring merchandise that he had ordered in preparation for the season to begin, so he would love it if you would shop there.

(Comfort Zone, photo from Steve Mandeville)

Steve has been doing lots of Comfort Zone Facebook posts to show you his inventory of soaps/lotions, books for both kids and adults from his attached book store, toys for kids, journals, skincare items, and more. He is awaiting the delivery of more puzzles, too.

Think about gifts, too: Mother's Day, birthdays, etc. Even if you have to social distance, you could send a lovely gift to someone and make their day!

So let's shop local and support businesses like this one, so they can survive and thrive once the world gets back to normal.

Call Steve at the store (he gets in at 10 am each day) at 732-869-9990 and treat yourself or your kids to a luxury soap & lotion or a new series of books!

Comfort Zone is located on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.

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