If you were driving around Shrewsbury or Red Bank last night and were confused by the mass amounts of people running around in all directions...I can explain.

Roadrunner Sports in Shrewsbury hosts the "2nd Thursday Adventure Run" on the second Thursday of every month. I finally was able to make it to one of them, and it was SO FUN.

It's a free event, and is similar to a scavenger hunt.

At the start of the run, they release the map, showing you which stores are participating. You then plan out your route to get to as many of those stores as possible to get raffle tickets, returning to the start within one hour.

Some places are worth more tickets than others, and if you have an Adventure Run shirt (the blue shirt I have on in the picture) you get double tickets at each place.

When the hour is up, everyone gathers with their raffle tickets, and they give out a ton of prizes (everything from pairs of new Asics shoes to gift certificates to participating stores to free upcoming race entries).

My friend Bridget joined me for the run, which took us to spots like The Atlantic Club and Yestercades. I'm a beginner when it comes to running, so we jogged some and walked some. We still got to almost every place on the run, with time to spare.

Despite all the tickets I wound up getting,

I didn't win any prizes this time. (Womp, womp)

However, it was SO FUN. Running is a lot easier when you have a destination (and motivation in the form of prizes).

I definitely worked up a sweat and got in a good run but never had that "Ew, I don't want to work out" feeling.

Best of all, they hold an 'after party' at The Dublin House (one of the participants) where there's a second raffle, with more prizes!

The next Adventure Run is September 13th. I definitely plan to attend...who's with me?

What's your favorite way to exercise? Tell us below!