A coworker recently recommended that I read Sick Humor by Lisamarie Chorowiec and I was able to blow through this bad boy in the matter of an hour and a half nonstop!

Here's the premise....the book starts off with a bang because a girl named Lina is diagnosed with a fatal case of Cancer that gives her a short period of time to live.

However, the narrator has a different outlook on life that in my opinion, makes you think twice about your actions and their correlating intentions.

For example, most people would consider it to be a very sweet gesture if someone were to shave their head to offer comfort to someone undergoing chemotherapy. In the book? She thinks its a heightened form of sympathy pains that shines the spotlight off of the patient for a brief moment.

Makes you think, right?

I would strongly recommend this book so prepare yourself to discuss friendship, family, and of course, love.

You can purchase the book here!

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