No one does the spooky season better than Six Flags Great Adventure with their Fright Fest which kicks of September 15th and lasts until October 31st.

This year, the festival will feature more than 25 Halloween-themed shows and attractions that will for sure have you running for the hills.

If you think you can handle it, after 6 PM is when the fun gets started. Get ready for The Arrival Ghoul Parade, The Awakening, Unleashed, Cell Block 6, and Demon District.

This year, Six Flags will have the brand new, yet terrifying Hell Fest maze that will depict scenes from the movie Hell Fest which hits theaters this fall. But what does that include, take a look:

The Mausoleum - an increasingly narrow corridor that forces guests to feel the touch of death.

The Mask Room - a haunting room filled with floating white faces that could spring to life when visitors least expect it.

The Doll Room - filled with dolls straight out of the worst nightmares.

The Torture Chamber - where the bodies of the disassembled, dissected, and disemboweled wish to share their horrific ending.

Also new this season:

Fears -visitors have the option to be immersed into their most paralyzing phobias. This attraction costs extra.

Blood Drums - a unique, pulsating percussion show using drums, fire artistry, and power tools. This is included with park admission.

Reflections of the Dead - You have the chance to come face to face with themselves – um, what? – as they attempt to escape this labyrinth filled with glowing LED lights, vanishing images, and confusion. This will open on September 28th and also costs extra.

Dead Man’s Party’s 20th Season - This song-and-dance bash is a rock concert meets Broadway with eye-popping special affects, amazing choreography and talented cast. And good news, it is included with park admission.

If you are not quite prepared for the goblins and zombies, there will be classic family favorites including the trick-or-treat trail, professor Slithers’ creepy critters, and the Spooky Kooky Magic Show

Regular season passes cost $68.99 but there are other VIP options. Head to for more information.

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