So I just found something that theme parks across the country are offering their guests, and I have to admit, I really hope Jackson, NJ’s own massive theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, considers doing this.

So I'll come out and say it, and I think it's a little bit of a controversial opinion. So you'll need to hear me out about this one.

Six Flags Great Adventure NEEDS to start offering adults-only nights.

They don’t have to be too frequent, but what if the park stayed open for those 21+ later a few nights this summer? I’d be there because I have to admit kids are some of the reasons why I stay away from the park during the busy summer season.

Six Flags Great Adventure has ALWAYS been at the forefront of offering guests what they want. 

Like I found out that Cedar Point (a huge theme park) in Sandusky, OH will have a few nights this season where they’ll only be open for guests over the age of 21.

For a total of about four nights in the month of June, they’ll be open from 9:00 p.m. until midnight with slightly more "adult themes," according to their website. 

As a single guy, without any kids, sometimes dealing with kids can be the worst part of going to a theme park.

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I get it. I’m not saying that kids don’t belong at the park, but I am saying that I also kind of deserve the right to a kid-free experience, right? Just for a few hours too.

I get that families are the bread and butter of their business model for a theme park, and that's OK!

Cedar Point, for example, requires all guests to be 21+ for their “Wild Frontier Nights” events,” which include opportunities for premium cocktails, a bourbon trail, and all-night entertainment from 9 until midnight. 

And that's part of the perk for the theme park, right? If it's late at night, they wouldn't have to turn any kids away really!

A lot of theme park enthusiasts love Cedar Point, but we all know that Six Flags is a better park. So, come on, Six Flags! Let’s get a few adults-only nights on the calendar for 2022!

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