We posed a question on our Facebook page earlier this week asking our Fans to "LIKE this if you think bald guys are sexy" and nearly 85 of you confirmed an attraction to men with a smooth, shaven dome! So we put together this list of the Top 10 bald and sexy celebrities, just for you!

  • Ethan Miller/ Getty Images
    Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

    Chris Daughtry

    From the day Chris Daughtry auditioned for American Idol, he melted the hearts of women viewers everywhere. His great smile combined with a sexy unique voice and deep stares on stage give Daughtry a well-deserved place on this list.

  • NFL/ Getty Images
    NFL/ Getty Images

    Jason Taylor

    This one is for the ladies who watch NFL football games for the bonus perks! Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor definitely turns up the heat on the field. Plus, he even showed a softer, delicate side to him during his participation on Season 6 of Dancing with The Stars.

  • Sean Gallup/ Getty Images
    Sean Gallup/ Getty Images

    Bruce Willis

    When it comes to aging, Bruce Willis just gets better with time. Although his ex-wife Demi moved on the much younger and lushly-locked Ashton Kutcher, Mr. Willis has come a long way since the days of 'Die Hard' as he seems to get hotter each year!

  • Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
    Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

    LL Cool J

    He said it and we agreed, "Ladies Love Cool James". Whether he's rapping or acting, the lick-lipping stud is always top-of-mind for making the "bald look" so hot!

  • Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images
    Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images

    Andre Agassi

    This tennis star delivers a dose of desire with every serve. He's hot, he's bald, and he's got game...making the often overlooked sport look cool and interesting.

  • Phillip MacCallum/ Getty Images
    Phillip MacCallum/ Getty Images

    Mark Messier

    Former New York Rangers hockey player Mark Messier steamed up the ice winning six championship games in the 80s and 90s. Like Bruce Willis, the elements of time seem to be working very well in Mark's favor.

  • Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images
    Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

    Taye Diggs

    There's something about Taye Diggs' amazing skin, scrumptious smile and perfect skin that cause his presence on the big screen to make us melt! And look, he even loves puppies!

  • Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images
    Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images

    Albert Pujols

    The St. Louis Cardinals' three-time MVP Albert Pujols has us considering a move to Missouri! He's got the total package - a great smile, an amazing physique, and a set of baseball skills that truly deserve the recognition.

  • Mark Mainz/ Getty Images
    Mark Mainz/ Getty Images

    Vin Diesel

    This appropriately-named, action-packed hottie is another celebrity whose name always seems to ring a bell when we think of bald and sexy. Both his incredible deep voice and amazing body grab our attention, making him one of Hollywood's most attractive men.

  • Scott Gries/ Getty Images
    Scott Gries/ Getty Images

    Kelly Slater

    The wave surfing hunk that is Kelly Slater may be last on the list, but is certainly far from the least! His sensational abs put together with those gorgeous crystal blue eyes and sun-kissed tanned skin make for one stellar-looking dude.

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