Guess the movie...

"Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes?"

If you guessed Raiders of the Lost Ark you are correct!

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Living in New Jersey my entire life, I've never had any snake encounters and I'm very happy about that!

Just the thought of coming across a snake while hiking in the woods or swimming makes me want to scream!

According to A-Z Animals, there are many species of snakes in New Jersey, and some rivers are more snake-infested than others.

The online animal encyclopedia came out with a list of the most snake-infested rivers in New Jersey, but before we get to that, it's important to understand what water snakes can be found in New Jersey.

There are several including the Northern Water Snake.

This non-venomous snake ranges from 24 to 42 inches in length and they are really good swimmers.

Another snake you may encounter in New Jersey is the Queen Snake.

It's a little smaller than the Northern Water Snake but gets up to about 24 inches although many are a lot smaller.

The 5 Most Snake-Infested Rivers in New Jersey

Delaware River

The Delaware River is huge and runs through 4 states, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

It's one of the most snake-infested rivers in all of New Jersey.

Hudson River

The Hudson River is about 315 miles long and home to many snakes including the Timber Rattlesnake which is venomous.

Scary! Just be careful.

Passaic River

The Passaic River, located in Northern New Jersey, has snakes mostly along the upper section of the river.

Raritan River

The Northern Water Snake is the most common snake found in the Raritan River.

Mullica River

The Mullca River is a smaller lake located in South Jersey, but you can still find lots of snakes in this 50-mile-long river.

Just be careful when near any of these 5 lakes in New Jersey!

From snakes to fish.

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