We've all dealt with this traffic moment. It's when you decide between being a great driver or a great actor.

I was trying to cross Route 37 the other day. There are three lanes approaching the light I'm at. The left lane is left turn only, the middle and right lane goes straight through the light. Those lanes that go straight get pretty backed up and often times you sit through two lights.

You know it's New Jersey, so someone is going to find a faster way, legal or not. So it doesn't take long before somebody realizes that if they get in that left turn lane and idle up toward the light that someone will let them in. The guy I saw took it to the next level.

This guy wasn't just satisfied sneaking in. He had to put on a full Oscar performance. He pulls up slowly on my left, and I'm in that middle lane so I know what's coming. This man had a surprise for me though. He pulls up next to me, and when I don't just wave him in to the lane, he goes into Matthew McConaughey mode.

He's afraid I'm going to do the legendary "Jersey inch up" when you move your car up two inches toward the car in front of you to let the other guy know he ain't going anywhere. So the guy looks up at the sign, "realizes" he is in the turn lane, throws his hands in the air, shakes his head, looks at the sign again to confirm his worst fears then flips his signal light on, gives me the sad eyes and mouths, "I'm sorry" to me and sheepishly points to the front of my car.

You know what? I let the guy in. "A" for effort. Normally as a Jersey guy, I would be much happier skipping the acting routine, but in a strange way, I appreciated it. All that to save 2 minutes. Gotta love New Jersey.