COLTS NECK — Three unlocked cars, all with the keys still inside, were stolen overnight from Monday to Tuesday, police said.

Not only were the three cars taken, but had a resident not noticed "suspicious activity," a fourth car could have been swiped as well, police said. The stolen vehicles included a black 2017 Range Rover on Freemont Lane, a blue 2016 Audi on North Point Drive, and a gray 2016 Volkswagen, also from North Point Drive.

"As always we remind our residents to secure their vehicles and never leave keys or key-fobs in vehicles," police said. "Unfortunately, many have not heeded the warnings or are not aware of this increasing problem around the County and State."

Last year, nearby Spring Lake was hit with similar incidents when the owners of a 2016 Porsche Panamera and a 2015 Maserati were both stolen with the keys inside and the cars unlocked, police said at the time.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incidents to call 732-780-7323 or email


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