Don't wear a mask, or even have one? I'd get on that because soon in New Jersey it could cost you big time.

A bill has been introduced that would set a 30-day jail sentence and fines of up to $500 for people who refuse to wear masks indoors.

The order would also force employers to police employees and require that they wear masks in office buildings when employees are within six feet of each other.

This comes after a woman in her 50s was knocked to the floor and broke her leg after asking another customer at a Staples to wear a mask.

In a statement Friday,  Assemblyman Ralph Caputo from Essex said:

Although many residents have been following the governor’s mask mandate, those who aren’t put us all at risk, there needs to be some sort of penalty to drive home the point that this mandate is not optional. One way or another, we’re all in this pandemic together, and must all do our part to prevent the spread of this virus.

The Governor signed an executive order on April 8 requiring people to wear a mask when they enter a store or other retail business.

A new study found that the majority of us wear masks properly, but 18% percent of the public "rarely or never wears a mask."

Is the government going too far by threatening jail for not wearing a mask? Tell me what you think by emailing me at


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