So I haven’t seen the movie “Barbie” but I’ve heard good things. One thing you’d have to be living under a rock not to know is so many things are pink in the film the actors must have felt like they were working inside a Pepto Bismol bottle for months.

I started wondering if this movie’s crazy popularity was affecting anything in real life, such as were a few extra people suddenly deciding John Mellencamp was right about the whole “Little Pink Houses” thing? Was it starting to trend even in a small way as a house color? Or a car color?

Pink Caddie
Bill Philpot

What I found instead were stories of how building the “Barbie” sets designers used so much of one particular shade of fluorescent fuchsia paint that it literally caused a global shortage. Which I guess could make sense considering it’s probably not normally in high enough demand that there would be a lot of stock to begin with.

Then I stumbled across this list put out by, a professional painting website, that gave the best exterior house colors specifically for New Jersey.

They point out it’s a big decision for a lot of reasons. You don’t want your house to stick out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood even if you personally like the color. That could hurt resale value. Also, because a good exterior paint job should last a long time, it’s a decision you’ll live with for years.


So what do the pros say is best for your Jersey home?

Navy and White

They say this can work in almost any kind of neighborhood, not just for a nautical theme near the shore. A deep Navy with white trim can be a classic look.

Spicy Brown

Using varying shades of brown together leaves you safely in the always popular neutral category yet pairing the right browns can make a house visually pop. Cooper, chocolate or cinnamon paired with white and creams works.


Gray and Cream

They say the newest home exterior trend is a gray you’re not sure of because it falls between gray and blue. That paired with cream shutters and porches can be visually arresting.

A row of timber frame houses at dusk

Orange Blossoms

This is a look they say used to be a Southern thing but has now caught on in other parts of the country. Rose, beige and peach pastels as your main color with accents done in a buttermilk yellow stands out but not in an obnoxious way.

Sorry Barbie, looks like no one wants your fluorescent fuchsia.

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