We've spoken about spotted lanternflies before but this has me ready to hibernate for the rest of Summer.

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It is about to be peak season for these creepy crawlers which means what I am about to show you may not even be the worst of it.

I've encountered them while outside my apartment, on the boardwalk and even on our beaches.


They. Are. Everywhere. *SMACK* See? I just had to smush one while typing.

The good news is that these lanternflies are basically harmless to humans. They don't bite or sting. They are just more obnoxious then anything else.

The bad news is that these spotted lanternflies are super harmful to our plants, trees and farm life.

Experts are encouraging the public to squish any spotted lanternflies they come across.

Did I mention they fly and are quick little suckers?

Invasion of the Lanternflies
AP Photo

But would you be brave enough to try and kill a few spotted lanternflies grouped together?

What about a few hundred spotted lanternflies?

What about a few thousand?

I don't know if I could so therefore, I am so immensely grateful that I was not in Jersey City over the weekend based on what I found at NJ.com.

Below shows a video of thousands of Spotted Lanternflies swarming an apartment building.

They're on me...I feel like they're on me....

No. Nope. Nu uh. Not happening.

The video was recorded by a Jersey City resident. If I were them, I'd move.

Luckily, this video does have a happy ending.

According to NJ.com, agriculture grade vinegar was used and killed a majority of these pesky, tree-killing creepy crawlers.

HAZAAA!!! A happy ending indeed.

But if this video showcases anything, it is just how powerful those spotted lanternflies are in large masses.

That is why you need to kill any you come across.

How about we shake off these creepy crawlers and talk about something more positive? *SMACK*

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