The actor behind the goofy but lovable TV sitcom character Steve Urkel has a new passion, and it doesn't involve being a nuisance and pestering his neighbors. Family Matters star Jaleel White is getting into the weed game, and he hopes to one day bring his new product to the Empire State. White told Forbes:

New York has always shown me a lot of love so hopefully it won’t take too too long to get ItsPurpl products to the Big Apple.

Fox NY is reporting that White is working with a company called 710 Labs on a new line of product called ItsPurpl. White himself is a long time pothead, and he even said he drew inspiration from his infamous character to come up with a different strain, appropriately called Purple Urkle. The product logo even depicts Urkel's face, complete with the nerdy looking oversized glasses and purple colored smoke rising up from his head. Purple Urkle has actually been around for a little while, but with more states moving towards legalization, the product now has a large company to back it.

White told Forbes that he was a big believer in purple weed, and that no other big cannabis companies had claimed leadership over the product. Purple Urkle is set to launch April 20 in California. Could New York state not be too far behind? It could be a bit of wait. On March 31, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing adult use cannabis consumption, for those 21 and older. Now, if you want to actually purchase some Purple Urkle (or any other cannabis products) from a dispensary, then you may have to wait until at least late 2022.

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