Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn's alleged Raya profile is circulating online — and fans are coming to his defense.

Photos of Quinn's alleged profile on the exclusive, application-only dating app have appeared on both Twitter and TikTok. Although it remains unconfirmed if the profile is legitimate, members can only join the dating app by applying to use it. The profile also appears to contain previously unreleased photos of the star.

The profile was first leaked on social media, in a video that shows someone scrolling through the profile on a separate phone.

At this time, Quinn does not appear to have commented on the possible leak. However, many have taken to social media to defend his right to privacy, calling out people for sharing the content.

Some also claim Quinn was doxxed online at the height of the Eddie Munson craze.

"Joseph quinn has had one of the /worse/ welcomes into fandoms," one Twitter user wrote. "He has been stalked, doxxed, and f---ing harassed over a /role/. and last night was one of the most disgusting things this fandom has ever done. someone found his PRIVATE dating profile, and exposed his privacy through pictures we hadn't seen before."

They added that Raya is focused on privacy, and that posting his account has fully violated Quinn's.

"The fact that someone found joseph quinn on this app and the first thing they decided to do was post a f---ing TIKTOK exposing his pictures and profile, makes me sick. this man deserves privacy," they continued.

Others were clearly in agreement.

"Your faves are f---ing people and it's not you," another wrote. "Time to accept it and maybe spend more time on yourself than worrying what celebrities are doing in their private lives. it's not your business." They also urged people to remove any photos from the profile.

"It's still his personal life," another added. "Let him find love. Don't invade his privacy."

"Apparently someone exposed joseph quinn profile on raya," yet another wrote. "His fans have no boundaries i feel so sorry for that man."

Read through these and more reactions, below:

Earlier this year, Quinn was linked to Alana Haim after being spotted out with her. However, his relationship status is currently unclear.

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