The image that New Jersey drivers are hard as nails behind the wheel is actually a source of pride for many motorists, but summer is the time of year when many take it too far.

(Vladimir Mucibabic, ThinkStock)
(Vladimir Mucibabic, ThinkStock)

During summer, especially holiday weekends, is when the New Jersey State Police receive the most calls on their #77 Aggressive Driver System.

"Definitely during the summer months, calls increase because you have more cars on the road, and when the weather is better we receive more calls also," said Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams with the New Jersey State Police.

While many motorists might not consider themselves full of road rage, Williams explained many could be driving aggressively without even realizing it.

"Many times people may be driving above the speed limit, change lanes, then change lanes, change lanes, and change lanes again. That would constitute an aggressive driver," Williams said.

Callers who use the #77 line are reminded to note the exact location of any incidents including the mile marker, direction, description of those involved and a callback phone number. However, State Police remind motorists that #77 is not for emergencies.

"If someone driving and they're changing lanes without a signal and they hit another vehicle and they continue to drive, or they hit a person, that's 911; that's an emergency. If they're weaving in and out and not using they're signal, that's an aggressive driver call."

He said while 911 calls have to be responded to immediately, #77 calls are responded to if there are available troopers in the area.

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