Living at the Jersey Shore opens you up to a lot of opportunities for fun.

You can spend a day on the beach, go on a tiki cruise through the bay, rent ski doos (or wave runners), and explore great running trails.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

The list could go on forever.

There is something I am curious as to whether or not you can do in Seaside Heights, however.

This question was asked when I first moved to the island a few months ago by my grandfather and was also brought up a few times while at boardwalk broadcasts.

Can you surf fish on the Seaside Heights beach?

I haven't gone surf fishing in years but have fond memories from being a kid and trying to reel in the "big one" with what felt like a forty-foot fishing pole at the time.

When we'd surf fish, we'd just set up near the water and cast away, no questions asked.

That was also twenty years ago.

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I was talking to one woman in Seaside Heights, who said her husband wanted to go surf fishing but also didn't want to get a fine.

Apparently, he was in Cape May a few summers back and got fined for Surf Fishing in the wrong area.

So, he didn't want to make the same mistake while visiting Seaside Heights.

After doing a bit of digging, I believe I've found the answer to this burning question.

Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash
Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

Yes, You Can Surf Fish in Seaside Heights.

According to Exit82, Yes, you can surf fish, but you have to do it in a certain time frame.

Fishers are welcome to surf fish so long as the beach is closed for swimming.

In Seaside Heights, that means either earlier than 10:00 am or after 5:00 pm.

Do you need a license to surf fish in New Jersey?

Technically the answer is No.

According to NJDEP

New Jersey does not require a general saltwater fishing license for recreational surf casting, deep sea or bay fishing.

You will have to register with the NJ Saltwater Recreational Registration Program.

This is a free registration which is needed by anyone 16 and over who plans on fishing in New Jersey.

So, if you're visiting or if you're a local looking to go catch some dinner you're free to do so, just be sure you're registered with the NJDEP.

Oh, and be mindful of the swimmers!

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