Halloween candy

History of M&M's
The greatest candy day of the year is here. So how did one of the all time great candies, M&M's, get created?
Discovery of Tainted Halloween Candy Prompts Warning
Parents make sure you check your kids Trick-or-Treat candy after reports are beginning to surface about some tainted treats.
One report out of Manchester involved Tootsie Rolls found with a toothpick shard and puncture marks. Township Police said a parent reported the incident to police after she att…
The Switch Witch
On The Point Morning Show today, Karla from Beachwood shared with us what I think is an excellent idea . It's a way to keep the kids from eating pound upon pound of Halloween candy. She says her niece has three young children. Every year on Halloween she lets them go trick-or-treating…
Do You Save Your Favorite Halloween Candy For Yourself?
Halloween is here! You can hear those trick or treaters from a few houses away. You hear the laughing and talking and general happiness Halloween brings. Then you hear the pitter patter of their little feet, followed by a knock on the door then a chorus of 'Trick or Treat!'
Dentist Warnings About the Worst Candy
Halloween Candy is a headache for parents. It's basically a bunch of empty calories and too much sugar going into their child's mouth. In fact, dentists say there are some candies that cause so many problems that they're in a class all by themselves...