Jenkinson's Boardwalk

Pigs Can Fly! Exquisite Views Of Kite Fest At Jenkinson's
Townsquare Media - Jersey Shore is very thankful to Jenkinson's for allowing us to be involved in this unique event. Day 2 will be tomorrow August 3rd from 11 am - 5 pm. I highly recommend bringing the kids, grandkids, and the entire family! Tap and check out the kites!
Movies On The Beach Are Returning To Point Pleasant Beach
Get ready to pop some popcorn because movies on the beach are returning to Point Pleasant Beach! Our great friends at Jenkinson's do a really nice job with their movies on the beach series and starting Tuesday, June 29th you'll be able to watch Frozen II. Check out the full schedule!
Brand New Cereal Infused Ice Cream Shop On Jenkinson's Boardwalk
I started the week writing about a Mexican restaurant that just opened on Jenkinson's Boardwalk. It's called Cantina and it will easily be a beachgoer favorite this summer. Think about it, on a hot summer day, you want to find some shade, what's better than drinking a frozen margarita…
New Mexican Restaurant Opens On Jenkinson's Boardwalk
My Saturday was fantastic, it was the perfect start to the month of May. I was drinking margaritas and eating tasty Mexican food on the legendary Jenkinson's Boardwalk. The weather was great, the boardwalk was beautiful, and I felt a pep in everyone's step. You can tell the Jersey Shore is…

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