What’s The Proper Shopping Cart Etiquette? [POLL]
I made a quick stop at a supermarket in Ocean Township to grab lunch yesterday. As I sat in my car I saw three different people empty their shopping carts then hop in the car and pull away with the shopping cart sitting right where they left them, in the middle of two parking spots.
I Had a Fight With a Produce Bag…and I Lost
All I wanted to do was stop at the supermarket, pick up some vegetables and get dinner started for my wife, who was getting home a little late last night. Pretty simple, right? Simple until I tried to open one of those flimsy produce bags. I twisted the top (which turned out to be the bottom), I rub…
What Are the Rules at the Supermarket?
Mario Tama, GettyImages
Maybe you can help me figure some things out before I go to the supermarket again. Personally I think when pushing a cart, all rules of the road apply. You know, keep to the right except to pass. At a four way stop, let the person who got there first go first. And above all el…