My Dog Helped The Giants Win…Really!
Anybody who knows me knows I'm pretty superstitious, especially when it comes to sports. Well, if you're a Giants fan, you have two things to be thankful for if you're happy about their win against the superstition, and my dog Zeus.
Dear New York Giants, You’re Welcome!
We all know that sports fans are superstitious. What I didn't know was how much luck we bring to our favorite team. I think my combination of a Tom Couhglin shirt and my new Giants pajamas gave the Giants just enough to beat the Redskins yesterday.
Does Friday the 13th Bring Out Your Superstition?
I woke up this morning and remembered it was Friday the 13th. I'm a pretty superstitious guy. I would definitely not bungee jump or sky dive today, but that's just me. I wonder how many people actually have their day change because it's Friday the 13th.