We’ve made it to summer (the official start of summer is June 21, but we always base it on Memorial Day weekend) and that means one thing, all of our minds are at the Jersey Shore for the next few weeks.

Between the beach, the boardwalk, and the food, the Jersey Shore is a famous vibe not just in our state, but around the country.

Americans Begin To Celebrate Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend At Jersey Shore
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When it comes to boardwalk food, it’s a go-to for anyone that is visiting no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Thanks to Tripadvisor, we now know the most popular food along the Jersey Shore that can be found on one iconic boardwalk. Now they came to this conclusion based on reviews from residents and tourists.

Before we get to that, let’s check out other popular food on the different boardwalks at the shore.

Joey Tomato’s on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk is a hit when you’re in the mood for pizza.

And don’t forget about Martell’s Tiki Bar. Most know of this place as exactly that, a bar, but if you’re hungry, there’s a great menu there too.

Right off the Seaside Heights boardwalk is Steaks Unlimited.

If you’re in the mood for a cheesesteak, this is your place, but don’t leave here without an order of the cheese balls.

If you want the best frozen custard, you must stop at Kohr’s Bros., or Kohr’s.

Luckily, there are multiple locations on and off the boardwalks like Long Beach Island, Ocean City, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Cape May, Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach, and Lavallette.

If that doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll need to head down to Wildwood and try the Fractured Prune for their amazing doughnuts.

Now there are multiple locations, mostly in Ocean City, MD, and there are locations in Ocean City, NJ, but the location in North Wildwood is on the actual boardwalk.

All in all, there’s one place that Tripadvisor is calling the best go-to place and meal to eat if you’re headed to the Jersey Shore.

If you’ve ever been to Asbury Park, there’s a to-go stand on the boardwalk called Pucker Lemonade & Beach Fries and that’s literally the food you want to get, a freshly squeezed lemonade and the beach fries.

There’s nothing else that screams the Jersey Shore boardwalk like fries and a lemonade. The fun part about this stand is the dipping sauces you can choose from to go with your fries.

And of course, if you have a sweet tooth, they have funnel cake, fried Oreos, and so much more.

No matter where you go, grab some delicious food and do some sight seeing.

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