Taking care of your aging parents should be categorized as “Doing the Right Thing.”  Unfortunately, some adult children of their elderly parents feel as if providing this care is not their responsibility. Really?!

If you don’t willingly provide financial support for your aging parent, it could be court ordered. The legal term is “filial responsibility,” which basically states adult children are to provide financial support to a parent unable to monetarily provide for themselves. The financial support would include food, clothing, shelter and medical costs. So, if your elderly mom has limited income, the adult child would be responsible for supplementing her finances.  Here’s a bonus…if any person has knowledge about this particular situation, he/she can inform the court that an adult child has the means to provide financial support and is failing to do so. Did you get that?  ANY PERSON can report this particular situation. Click here for details.

Perhaps we should pay attention to some of the other countries around the world, where caring for the elderly is a cultural norm. #supporttheelderly

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