New Jersey's Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil, is back in the recording studio threatening to "rock your world" with her latest song.

Patricia Krentcil in a screen shot from her song "Life Of The Party"
Patricia Krentcil in a screen shot from her song "Life Of The Party" (YouTube)

Krentcil teams up with producer Adam Barta for "Life of the Party," a slightly less campy, hypnotic  follow up to "It's Tan Mom" in  which she sings about her recent time in rehab, wearing thongs, bathing suits and "dropping her top at the beach or on the town," her love of Pop Tarts and how she prefers mineral water to wine.

The video shows a brief clip of what appears to be a drunken Krentcil at an airport. She was sent to a detox center after an incident at the Minneapolis airport.

Showing off a new look with long, blonde hair, Krentcil also dances with drag queen Skyla Versai in the video and disses on MTV "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham. The two were in rehab at the Lukens rehabiilitation center together but Krentcil called her a distraction who sent pictures of Krentcil to the tabloids from group sessions.

It's Krentcil's latest attempt to cash in on her "fame" as the deeply bronzed mother who brought her daughter into a Nutley tanning salon. Although those charges were dropped Krentcil has been trying to make money to pay back lawyers. She says she has quit the tanning habit and, after her rehabilitation stay, drinking alcohol.

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