My favorite quote: "You don't tell Target what you need. Target tells you what you need."

And the only way they can stay on top of telling you what to buy is to continuously improve! Therefore, it is no surprise that a few locations have a big red sign that says "Big changes in store."

This means only one thing: store renovations.

The Targets at the Jersey Shore who are getting a makeover are the Middletown, Manalapan and Toms River locations.

According to, the renovations will including, "updated decorate and fixtures and steps to make it easier to pick up online orders." 

So now Target will soon be able to tell you what to buy and you won't even be in the store. Solid. I have a bad feeling for my bank account.

All three stores also plan to add merchandising displays so customers can visualize products that pair well together and my favorite, a nursing space which will be an area catered for new moms.

These Targets will remain open during the renovations and they are all expected to be completed by this Fall...hopefully.

Alright Target. Let's see what you are made of.

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