A Target shopper went viral on TikTok for issuing a public service announcement regarding shopping etiquette.

While navigating the aisles of Target with her cart, Carrie (a.k.a. user @cheesybu) filmed a friendly PSA on her phone for fellow showers about proper aisle etiquette — specifically regarding how to steer one's shopping cart.

"When I am walking down the main aisle, people coming out of those aisles," Carrie explains, pointing the camera toward the store's side aisles in the grocery section.

"They don’t have the right of way. I Do. They have to look before they come out into the main aisle," Carrie continues, before issuing this warning: "Instead of coming and crashing into the main aisle, look before you come out here!"

Carrie's message may seem like it should be common sense. However, she believes some shoppers may need a reminder.

Watch below:

The thing Carrie complained about in her video isn't the only pet peeve Target shoppers have.

In the comments section, other frequent Target customers were happy to share their woes.

“Omg, yes, and same with parking lots! Drives me insane!” one viewer wrote.

“And, keep right at all times. Check your surroundings before stopping. C’mon, peeps,” another commented.

“Not only that but when someone walking in front of you stops because they see someone they know and they clog the isle and talk for 30 min,” someone else wrote.

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