It's a totally new chapter in New Jersey's pork roll saga. First, there's the beloved meat product itself. Then, there was the beer by NJ's own Flying Fish Brewing. Now, fans of the Jersey staple can grab a con-ful of Taylor Ham ice cream. A Sussex County creamery is offering "Taylor Ham and French Toast" as a seasonal, limited edition flavor.

Windy Brow Farms in Fredon Township entices us with the flavor making process. They caramelize Taylor Ham and offset the saltiness with "local maple syrup and house-made challah french toast." So it's sounding more like a breakfast ice cream. (Don't tell my daughter!)

This is just the first flavor in an 'Only in Jersey' collection. Windy Brow is celebrating a fifth year of ice cream production, so the creamery is releasing five flavors "that are distinctly New Jersey, highlight the uniqueness of agriculture in our state."

Okay, we're hooked. What's next Windy Brow, something with cranberries or tomatoes? I'm wondering if blueberries would be too easy a guess. Can't wait for the next "scoop"!

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