Taylor Swift cleaned up at the 2011 American Music Awards last night, winning Favorite Female Country Music Artist, Favorite Country Album, and the big one: Artist of the Year, all while looking polished and glamorous. On the other hand, Christina Aguilera NEEDS to clean up...and fire her stylist immediately.

Taylor seems to have a knack for Hollywood glam-style. She wore a strapless sparkly gold gown with a sleek low ponytail. She was effortlessly beautiful and allowed the audience to actually focusing on what was coming out of her mouth.

And then, there was this:

Dear Christina. You are so wonderfully talented. However, NO ONE is focusing on your voice when you are dressed like that. Just because one CAN squeeze into a white bandage dress, doesn't mean one SHOULD. I too battle the lovehandles, and I know how difficult they can be. Here's some advice: fire your horrendous stylist, invest in some Spanx ASAP...and maybe buy a mirror.

Just as a reference point, it is possible for a 'thicker' girl to look fabulous:

Kelly Clarkson had one of my favorite performances of the night, with a 20's inspired rendition of "Mr. Know It All" and looked very classic in her sparkly red gown. Covered up in all the right places and yet so very sexy. Take notes, Ms. Aguilera.

And then, the finale. LMFAO ended the night with "Party Rock Anthem/Sexy And I Know It." Everyone knows these guys are outrageous, but things got awkward real quick when everyone on stage started disrobing, with all the guys sporting very short black shorts with strategically placed smiley faces...and the ladies basically in black lingerie. But that's not the weird part. It was the random appearance by...David Hasselhoff...in matching Smileys.

If I had to be subjected to it, you're all in it with me. It was just...disturbing. I only laughed because it was either that or gouge my eyes out. Yikes.

What was your favorite part of the 2011 American Music Awards? Comment below!