Taylor Swift brought yet another slew of somewhat random guests onstage last night (August 25) at the Staples Center in L.A. — and for Taylor fans who are also indie rock fans, it was a real treat. Beck and St. Vincent joined the reigning queen of pop for a performance of Beck's "Dreams"...right after Taylor sang "All Of Me" with John Legend. All while an adoring Calvin Harris was in the audience. It was just a big night all around.

"I heard @johnlegend and Chrissy were on the way to the show & called and asked if John felt like playing 'All of Me'," the "Wildest Dreams" singer tweeted. Does anyone ever rebuff one of Taylor's cameo requests? (Serious question, send tips to @PopCrush.)

The pair performed the song as a duet in front of an enormous screen, and like most performances involving John Legend, it sounded amazing.

Beck and St. Vincent were next up, delivering a Taylor-assisted version of Beck's recent "Dreams" single. St. Vincent — better known to some as Cara Delevingne's girlfriend, but an amazing musician in her own right — came out shredding. "There is nothing cooler than St. Vincenty soloing while pyro goes off in the background," Taylor wrote in her Twitter video post.

Whether Beck and Taylor discussed what it's like to have Kanye West storm your awards show acceptance speech — jokingly or otherwise — we may never know. Taylor's Twitter recap: "Getting to play 'Dreams' with Beck and St. Vincent is something I'll remember forever. I can't even express it."

Taylor's boyfriend Calvin Harris was also spotted in the Staples center audience watching his lady at work. iPhones caught her mouthing "I love you" at the show's finale and, while she could have meant it as a sweet goodbye to fans close to the stage, the general consensus is that she was talking to Calvin. Seriously, though — how do you like that L.A.?

Watch a clip from Taylor's "Dreams" performance with Beck and St. Vincent below.

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