We have been letting you know when we find creative ways to keep busy while at home with your kids and I just found another cool activity!

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And this one works especially well because there is also learning involved. (I know a lot of parents are OVER being the parent AND the teacher so this game might also take some of the stress off)

Introducing...Periodic Table Battleship!

Here is how you put this cool game together:

1. All you will need is 4 laminated copies of the Period Table, 2 file folders, 1 giant paper clip and 2 dry erase markers.

2. Label the rows alphabetically. (Row 1 = A; Row 2 = B etc) There are already numbered rows along the top.

3. Open one of your folders and place a copy of the laminated Periodic Table flat and the other leaning against the folder. Repeat this step with your other two copies of the Period Table and the additional folder.

Photo Credit: Teach Beside Me
Photo Credit: Teach Beside Me

4. Use your large paperclip to hold the two folders together.

5. Before you start guessing where your opponent put their "Scientific Battleships," circle various elements on the Periodic Table that is laying flat. These are your ships that you are hoping to keep hidden.

***You can pick the number of ships you want to play with. In the actual version, there are ships that take up one space, two spaces, three spaces, four spaces and five spaces.

When you play, you can use the numbers and letters to guess spaces, you can call out atomic numbers or the element names!

This game could even work for younger kids who know nothing about the periodic table of elements just yet. At the very least, it will start to get them familiar with the concept while they play.

So you have fun and you learn. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Take a look at the original article explaining how to set up and play this game at TeachBesideMe.com. FYI: They also have A LOT of other cool crafts and games that you can try.

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