Potholes are absolutely horrible right now everywhere in Ocean County.

Parking lots are the worst. Some roads are horrible. Recently, I was in Toms River and heading to the mall and I saw potholes everywhere.

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Massive Pothole At The Bayville, NJ Dunkin'

Ok, so Dunkin' in Bayville, at their drive-thru window, for so long had this "big" pothole right by their drive-thru window. It was one of those potholes that you just couldn't miss. I believe they had a giant one by where you ordered, also. You just couldn't miss this one because when you'd pull up to the window, you had to get right into it.

On Facebook Pages, I saw some people complaining about the pothole at the Bayville Dunkin' a while ago. I'm here to tell you it's permanently fixed. And, the owners of Dunkin' did it right. They put an entire slab of concrete right over the problem spot of the big pothole.

google maps
google maps

I want to say, "Thank you" to Dunkin' in Bayville for fixing those potholes. It's a nice smooth ride through your drive-thru right now. And, by the way, this Dunkin' looks really good with a new drive-thru, so it was time to fix that pothole.

How to report a pothole in your area.

If you see potholes the best way to contact someone is through NJDOT. Click here to contact NJDOT. But, if you see a giant pothole in a parking lot at the grocery store or at a mall, I'd check with the local businesses, to who you can write a letter or call. That's what I would do if I found a giant one or if my car just happened to drive into the pothole. Sometimes it's really hard to miss a really big one.


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