If you've ever tried a bagel outside of New Jersey you've probably noticed that nobody does it quite like us. They're always poor imitations of the New Jersey bagel.

Since seemingly everywhere in New Jersey has great bagels though, it can be tough to determine which place is your favorite and which place you might go to only if another location is closed.

But if you're going down the shore (or to the beach, however, you want to say it) there's a great shop located in Belmar that's a must-visit, in my opinion.

Belmar (Google Maps)
(Belmar, Google Maps)

That bagel shop is Corner Bagelry located at 1104 Main St. in Belmar. Ironically the shop is not located on the corner, though they do have 2 other locations in New Jersey (Manasquan and Wall.)

Come for their blueberry bagel with walnut cream cheese (it's amazing) and if you get cold feet the classic pork roll egg and cheese on an everything bagel lives up to the Jersey standard.

They offer everything from bagel sandwiches, avocado toast, omelets, deli wraps, deli sandwiches and a whole lot more.

You can check out their full menu here.

They've even got a lunch/grill section of the menu which has some pretty tasty options. Make a beach day and stop for the bagels in the morning and then on your way home from the beach stop back in for the chicken cheesesteak.

The three Corner Bagelry locations are owned by the Whille family, with the Belmar location opening up in 2013.

And with the success of these three locations, I don't see them slowing down any time soon.


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