An estimated crowd of 100,000. More than 75 bands on 7 stages. The Bamboozle Music Festival was 3 days of sun, sand, and music in Asbury Park and I can clearly tell you my favorite moment of the whole thing.

Sure, the people watching was top notch, but that's not it.

The Foo Fighters headlined on Saturday, with a set starting at 7:30. They were also playing that night on Saturday Night Live. They got a helicopter to take them from Asbury (at the end of their set -- 9:30ish) to NYC. That, my friends, is some rock star business.

Dave Grohl was telling the crowd about this, and got everyone to yell in unison, "Live from New Jersey, it's Saturday night!" AMAZING. That, plus their incredible set, was totally mind-blowing.

Check it out: