Sometimes it seems that everyone is stressed at all times on the Jersey Shore, and there certainly is no lack of stressful things going on around here.

So, with all this stress happening, I started to wonder, what is the top reason for all the stressing out going on around Monmouth and Ocean Counties. It's hard to pick a place to begin, but let's start on the roads.

No one needs to tell you that we are the traffic capital of the world, but lately it seems like there is no place to go where you won't run into some type of construction. So add some construction to the normal nonsense on New Jersey's roads, and you come up with...stress.

And then there's Sandy. From insurance dealings to reconstruction to raising homes to FEMA maps to replacing things lost in the storm, Sandy could be the single greatest stress creator in recent memory.

And there's always work. The minute you get there, the steam may already be swirling around your neck. Sometimes work can be a relentless all-consuming stress machine and it's tough to shake.

And if you can't stand taking those envelopes out of your mailbox, then it may be money and the bills that are your worst stress causer. And it makes sense. Everything costs so much and it seems like prices for everything just keep going up. If money is your top concern, you are certainly not alone here in the Garden State.

And of course, there's family life. Meetings at school for the kids, practices, rehearsals, and everything that over-fills your already taxed schedule can be an ongoing source of stress. Oh, and then there's homework.

So what is it that is your top source for stress?

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