If it is on Facebook it must be true…right? I am one of those that has to google things I question because I do not want to be that girl sharing fake news! Today I came across a meme that looked like it really could be true but also kind of crazy because it wasn’t the normal way to see this. Ok, so let me tell you the meme. It was a meme that said “FUN FACT: owls have long legs…they’re just hidden.” Then there was a split pic, an owl looking like we have all seen them standing, and the next pic was a pair of human hands lifting up the owl’s feathers exposing really long legs. I really couldn’t tell if it was photoshopped or if it was real!! Owls are my nighttime spirit animal so, I decided to Google it. I was shocked to find out…IT IS TRUE!!!! I can never look at an owl the same!! They are the classiest animal at the Jersey Shore! The are hiding their beautiful long legs under their feathers! Some humans should probably follow the example of the owls!

Did you know that the Jersey Shore has a few different species of owls that reside here?

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(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

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